1. Everyone should bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.

2. Late arrivals should kneeling at the side of the Dojo floor, bow to the Shrine and wait for the Instructor's permission to join, when permission is granted, the student shall bow to the Instructor, stand up and join the class. Late more than 30 minutes is not allowed to join the class.

3. The Karate student must show courtesy and respect to all instructors and fellow students , bow and say ‘OSS’ upon meeting in the Dojo. Juniors should bow and say ‘OSS’ to the seniors , then the seniors shall bow and say ‘OSS’ in return.

4. One must always bow to one’s opponent at the start and finish of each practice.

5. It is stipulated that all students must wear white color DOGI(uniform)and other than our club badge and the student's name, no other badges or characters is allowed on the uniform. One must always keep his/her DOGI(uniform) , hands and feet clean prior to each training session. Toes and fingernails are to be kept short to prevent injury. Long hair is to be tied back, makeup and jewelry are not to be worn during training sessions.

6. When receiving an instruction or teaching from the instructor or a senior, your only answer is ‘OSS’. One must be willing to obey the rules and learn self-discipline.